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It's been proven time and time again, thinking ahead, working smart and using the right tools for the job drastically improve employee moral and the companies bottom line. Safe-T-Stik is the leader when it comes to "No Touch" or "Hands Free" operations. Our No Touch rigid magnetic tag lines and pulling tools will Elevate your employee's safety and productivity to a new level.


Starting at $439.00
Part No: STS-001

Safely guide and position objects such as road plate, trench plate, beams, poles, pipe and other steel components with precision and total control.

Quantity Discounts Available, Give Us A Call.

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Safe-T-Stik XLSafe-T-Stik XL

Starting at $569.00
Part No: STS-002

Get all the same benefits of our standard Safe-T-Stik, plus the ability to extend reach and control from 5 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet. Get more adaptability and distance!

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Safe-T-Stik MiniSafe-T-Stik Mini

Starting at $239.00
Part No: STS-003

Designed to quickly and easily pull up in ground water valve covers, small grates and lids. Reduce risk of injury and improve on the job efficiency.

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LidUp - Manhole Lid Lifting System

LidUp Manhole Lifting System

Our manhole lifting system virtually eliminates employee injuries related to removing and replacing manhole lids, grates and drain covers. The LidUp system utilizes super strong magnets, hooks and a spreader bar which produce solid, stable and safe lifts every time. Put an end to costly and debilitating back injuries and stop all the smashed hands, fingers and toes. These types of injuries cost companies tens of thousands of dollars a year in work comp, time off, safety ratings, insurance premiums, physical therapy and reputation.

LidUp Complete SystemLidUp Complete System

Starting at $1950.00
Part No: LU-001CS

Safely lift and replace most any style manhole lid with complete safety and ease. Our innovative, adjustable cart combined with over 1600 LBS of magnetic lifting force, hooks and rigid auto locking spreader bar is a major game changer.

Quantity Discounts Available, Give Us A Call.

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LidUp MagnetLidUp Magnet

$155.00 each
Part No: LU-014

Replacement magnet lifting component. With over 800 LBS of lifting force, light weight and small foot print, our magnets work in most situations. Our magnets are designed with a dual steel ring contact surface and durable surface laminate. Part LU-014

*For Orders Outside the U.S.A. Please Contact Us.

LidUp HookLidUp Hook

$75.00 each
Part No: LU-013

Replacement lifting hook component. Our lifting hooks are lazer cut and assembled with precision. They fit in most all center pick holes and side pick holes. Powder coat finish and extremely strong. Can be used in combination with our lifting magnet. part LU-013.

*For Orders Outside the U.S.A. Please Contact Us.

LidUp Spreader BarLidUp Spreader Bar

$220.00 each
Part No: LU-012

Replacement spreader bar. Laser cut from stainless steel to prevent any magnetic attraction. Designed with our patent pending "Lift-2-Lock" technology which provides a solid, stable, safe and slip free lift. Stows on side of the LidUp cart. part LU-012.

*For Orders Outside the U.S.A. Please Contact Us.

Surfa Slick Asphalt Lutes

Surfa Slick magnesium asphalt lutes are lightweight, rugged, and will provide a finish your customers will appreciate. Surfa Slick magnesium lutes have the strength and spring of steel and yet are one third lighter than aluminum. These lutes are the lightest and strongest lute you can get! Surfa Slick lutes are the only lute you should trust if you do asphalt patch work, paving, large area clean up, landscaping, baseball field prep work or large sandy area preperation. Quantity Discounts Available, Give Us A Call!

Surfa Slick Asphalt Lute Rake 366LSSurfa Slick Asphalt Lute (366LS)

One 36" Serrated Blade, Clamp and 1/2"x6' Magnesium Pole

Starting at $62.00

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Surfa Slick Asphalt Lute Rake 366LS 6 PackSurfa Slick Asphalt Lute 6 Pack (366LS-6)

Six 36" Serrated Blades, Clamps and 1 1/2"x6' Magnesium Poles

Starting at $372.00

*For Orders Outside the U.S.A. Please Contact Us.

Surfa Slick 36in Replacement BladeSurfa Slick Asphalt Lute 36in Blade

One 36" Serrated Replacement Blade

Starting at $24.00

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About Our Products


All of our Safe-T-Stik products are designed and built to increase employee and work zone safety. We use quality products and build them in the USA to be tough and extremely durable. our Safe-T-Stik products increase on the job safety, efficiency and confidence as well as help protect against equipment and property damage. Safe-T-Stik and Safe-T-Stik XL can be used as an industrial strength magnetic tag line tool. Safe-T-Stik and Safe-T-Stik XL can be used to safely and precisely move road plate, trench plate, steel plate, I-Beams, large pipe, poles and really any heavy steel object being hoisted into or out of position.

Safe-T-Stik Mini is a small but very powerful lifting and pulling tool specifically designed to pull up smaller lids, grates and covers. This tool works great to pull up some of the toughest embedded water valve covers in city streets. This is a great tool for employees in water divisions and municipalities that inspect or remove water valve lids. This tool is also great in steel fabrication and manufacturing shops.

Safe-T-Stik products are super strong yet very light weight! We designed a super strong custom neodymium magnet which provides over 400 pounds of pull force! Safe-T-Stik products are constructed of strong, non-conductive FRP tube which is very durable and can take work site abuse. Safe-T-Stik products are non-conductive at a rate of 35Kv per inch which is a HUGE safety benefit to your employees when working around electricity. The proprietary swivel head allows a user to move freely when working with trench plate and road plate while still maintaining ultimate control from a safe distance.

LidUp Manhole Lifting System

LidUp is a complete manhole lid lifting system that is much safer in the work zone than traditional hooks and pry bars. LidUp can help eliminate injuries and greatly reduce the risks that currently exist when removing and replacing manhole lids using hands, feet, hooks and pry bars. The Cart is collapsible, easily transportable, sets up fast, adjusts to the user and makes lifting manhole lids a safe and easy process. With an adjustable handlebar and lifting arm, LidUp can be quickly adjusted to fit most any user height and weight to allow for an easy, smooth and stable safe lift. The LidUp system uses 3 different lifting components which allow the user to choose the best setup for any specific lid encountered in the work zone. The lifting components are designed with our proprietary Lift-2-Lock ™ technology which requires no pins, screws, clamps or quick links to set up, lock into position or adjust.

Give us a call or use our contact page so we can talk about how our products can help improve employee safety and productivity within your company.

Made in U.S.A. ADAMAR Industries, LLC. Products are Made in the U.S.A.