When employees, customers, and your reputation are on the line, every safety precaution should be taken. LidUp introduces a new level of safety when it comes to removing and replacing manhole lids. The LidUp system employs an adjustable cart, a set of super strong magnet lifting components, a set of hook components and a proprietary patent pending spreader bar design.

LidUp keeps workers at a safe distance from the lid when the lift is initiated. LidUp produces a mechanical advantage on an average of 3:1 (Lift 300 LBS with 100 LBS of force applied). LidUp allows the user to use their body weight along with their arms in a downward application to generate amazing lifting force in a comfortable and back saving position.

The LidUp system does not use those big, heavy, expensive circuit type lifting magnets that can weigh up to 20 lbs and cost $400-$500 each because they just don't work on a wide range of manhole lids. Manhole lids have many types of embossing on them, dots, squares, rings, city emblems etc. Our magnets fit in smaller areas, can be used in conjunction with our hook component and utilize a unique spreader bar system that creates a strong, sure, level lift every time.

The LidUp magnets produce just over 800 LBS of pull force each. If both magnet lifting components are used, that's approximately 1600 LBS of lifting force! The LidUp Cart is fully collapsable and adjusts to fit users of all sizes. The lifting arm and handlebar can be extended and retracted. The spreader bar stows on the cart and locks into place. In the compact configuration, LidUp is easy to lift into and out of work trucks, workers can push or pull it to the work area, it stands up on its own and it's quick and easy to configure for lifting.

Why you should use a Manhole Lid Lifter

Doing things the old way or the way that includes risk of injury is bad for business. Numerous employees are injured every year related to removing or replacing manhole lids. Smashed fingers, hands and feet, trips, slips and falls, back injuries and even worse. When employees are injured on the job, it costs the company, things like; work comp, job delays, insurance premiums, E-Mod ratings, reputation and more.

Using hooks, pry bars and hands, employees are exposed to many ways to sustain an injury. Hooks can slip or suddenly let go resulting in the worker suddenly falling backwards. Trips and falls happen all to often and serious back injuries and problems seem to be the norm. Injuries and accidents related to removing or replacing manhole lids happen daily and cost companies tens of thousands of dollars.

LidUp keeps the force required to lift a manhole lid directed by the user in a safe, downward direction using the upper body and body weight. Should something let loose, there is virtually no risk of falling backwards, tripping and falling. Using the LidUp system increases safety in the work zone.

LidUp is an extremely versatile manhole lid lifting system that will make your employees work much safer and easier . One injury or accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars, a serious one can cost hundreds of thousands. There's just no substitute or short cuts when it comes to employee and work zone safety.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce employee exposure to accidents and serious injuries
  • Compact cart, quick and easy to transport and configure (34 lbs)
  • Virtually no risk of trips, falls or back injury
  • Fully adjustable cart, adapts to user size and different lift situations
  • Spreader bar for level, stable lifts. Easily adjustable.
  • Magnets and hooks for solving many lid lifting situations
  • 1600 LBS of magnetic pull force!
  • No pins or parts to lose. All adjustment points are fixed to the cart
  • Bright high visibility yellow/green color with reflective bands for night work
  • 2 super durable solid 8" 450 LB capacity wheels.
  • No heavy, expensive, circuit magnets that just don't work reliably
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit