Tagline ropes and tethers made in usa. Tag line ropes for rigging and crane operations

Tag lines have been used to help control suspended loads for quite some time. We believe it is important to use quality rope that gives the user a good grip and feel when controlling a suspended load. That is why our tag lines are constructed out of 1/2 inch double braided polyester rope, Made in the U.S.A. If the tag line is too thin or made out of slick material (polypropylene) it can easily slide or slip in a gloved hand. This sometimes encourages a person to wrap the rope around their hand to keep a solid grip, which is COMPLETELY WRONG and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Our new patent pending aluminum tag line tip makes this tag line rope more durable and gives more versatility and adaptability when it comes to changing attachment devices (snap hooks, carabiner etc.) Our tag line ropes have been tested to withstand loads of more than 1000 pounds. We do not rate our ropes with a WLL and they should never be used to lift/support overhead lifting of loads or used for suspending human life. Our tag line ropes are intended for guiding and controlling suspended loads.

When a load is suspended by crane or hoist, it can rotate or swing into objects around it, into power lines or, by swinging, create hazards to personnel and property on the ground below. Tag lines are long ropes securely attached to the load which enable personnel on the ground to control and position the load as it is suspended by the crane, so that it doesn't collide with objects around it.

OSHA Requirements for Use of Tag Lines

OSHA defines tag lines as made from soft, fiber lines. Fiber lines, such as those made from nylon, polypropylene or natural fiber, such as sisal, don’t present the hazards of wire rope. A wire rope’s strands may break. The fishhook-shaped broken ends of the strands can cause serious injury to inadequately gloved personnel. A wire rope also conducts electricity and presents a shock hazard if it contacts a live electrical system.

Title 29, Section 1926.953(d) of the Code of Federal Regulations requires tag lines on any load “where hazards to employees exist” in order to keep the loads under control. When a load is lifted from the ground, it can pivot around the crane line that's being used to lift it. Uncontrolled pivoting may cause the load to bump into things around it, such as the boom of the crane, other loads or hazardous equipment, such as electrical stations. As the load nears a fixed object, it creates a pinch-point, a place where a person may become trapped or injured. The tag line allows personnel on the ground to turn the load as necessary to prevent damage to surrounding equipment or personnel.

Charged equipment or lines present a special hazard for personnel involved in rigging and crane work, should a load contact live electrical lines or equipment. The charge can travel through the lifting cables, causing a failure in the crane or injury to the crane operator. A failure in the crane can also cause the load to fall unexpectedly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations found in Section 1926.953(c) (2) require that, where loads are “stored under energized lines or near energized equipment," the crew lifting the load must exercise “extraordinary caution.” The crew must also maintain "proper clearances" to avoid contact between the load and the charged equipment.

You should wear gloves when handling the tag line. You should never wrap the tag line around an arm or leg in an attempt to stop a load’s swing. You should never step into a loop in a tag line. You should never place yourself between an immovable object and a load that is not firmly on the ground and, if you must, you should release the tag line to avoid becoming trapped or pinched.

tag line ropes and tethers custom made with snap hook

Features and Benefits

  • Strong and easy to grip
  • 1/2 inch double braided polyester cover with polyester core
  • Proprietary aluminum eyelet tip for maximum durability & versatility
  • 800 LB WLL snap hook included
  • UV, mildew and rot resistant
  • Color coded & marked with rope length
  • Comes in 10 ft, 25 ft, 50 ft or 75 ft lengths
  • Custom lengths available upon request
  • Works perfectly with our Magna-Grab tool
  • Made in U.S.A.

Our tag line ropes are custom MADE IN USA and can be built to your specific length requirements.

Half inch double braided polyester rope feels right in your hands, is moisture and rot resistant and incredibly strong. ADAMAR Industries builds our tag line ropes from quality rope manufactures in the USA. Standard sizes are 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet and 75 feet.

To purchase a tag line, click on the length you want below. If you need a custom length made, contact us

Note: As of 5/26/2021 we will no longer be manufacturing tag line ropes with eye splices. All tag line ropes will include our new aluminum tag line tip attach point.

Tag Line Ropes For Suspended Load Control and Retrieval

tag line ropes and tethers custom made with snap hook

In many situations a tag line is the best option for keeping control of a suspended load. They can be built in various lengths to handle multiple suspended load control situations.

Use Our Tag Line Ropes With Magna-Grab

magna-grab strong magnetic dropped object retrieval tool, recovery magnet, diving retrieval magnet tag line ropes and tethers custom made with snap hook

Safety is a critical factor in retrieval of dropped objects into confined or dangerous spaces as well as tanks, trenches and more. Magna-Grab makes it SAFE and EASY. Our tag line ropes attach quickly and easily to the retrieval eye bolt as well as the suspended load control attachment points. Check out and purchase your Magna-Grab tools here.