Using No Touch Safety Tools Can Reduce Work Related Employee Injuries

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When Should No Touch Load Control and Positioning Safety Tools Be Used and What are the Benefits?

Suspended Load Operations

  • Keep hands and fingers away from pinch, cut and crush points.
  • Keep body and feet away from suspended load fall zones.
  • Keep more distance between suspended loads and workers.
  • Give workers an out if things don't go as planned.
  • Attach our no touch tools to suspended loads from a distance, no need to get close or touch to engage.
  • Our tools are highly visible & include reflective bands for low light or night work.
  • Being away from a suspended load gives workers beter field of view on the operation.
  • Our magnetic tools are always on and ready to use.

Material Handling Operations

  • Keep hands and fingers away from dangerous cut, pinch and crush points.
  • Move, position and hold steel parts and pieces.
  • Lift, position and pull small steel parts and remnants.
  • Pick up scrap, remnants and parts.
  • Grab, hook and pick objects and equipment that pose a hazard to hands and fingers.
  • Push, pull and guide objects and equipment.

Lifting & Pulling Operations

  • Reduce finger and hand injuries by remaining hands off during lifting and pulling operations.
  • Reduce the need for other tools like sledge hammers, picks and pry bars.
  • Pull up municipal water valve lids and covers faster and safer.
  • Retrieve dropped objects from storm drains, trenches and other confined spaces.
  • Pull and position steel parts and assemblies during fabrication.

No touch safety tools can help reduce costly & debilitating employee injuries and accidents.

hand crush injuryfoot crush injury

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly 20% of workplace injuries involve cuts and lacerations to the hand and fingers. Hand injuries not only occur frequently, but can be severe.

Annually, hand injuries of all types send more than one million workers in the US to the emergency room, of which an estimated 110,000 of these result in recordable lost time. Though usually not fatal, the most severe finger and hand amputations or crushing injuries are extremely painful, debilitating and costly. The BLS reports that over half of all fingertip amputations resulted in 18 or more days away from work.

In addition to the physical harm that hand injuries pose to workers, they also have financial implications. According to the BLS and the National Safety Council the average workers’ compensation claim for a hand injury now exceeds $6,000, and when lost time is involved the average exceeds $7,500. On top of this for each amputation can be added the permanent partial disability rating and workers’ compensation settlement. When you consider these statistics, medical and indemnity costs, safety ratings, OSHA reporting, insurance costs and the pain and suffering involved, the overall drain on employee productivity and is apparent.

source: CLMI Safety Training

ADAMAR Industries Has The No Touch Safety Tools Needed To Improve Safety Without Impacting Productivity.

Our no touch safety tools are designed and engineered to precise tolerances and manufactured with very high quality and durability standards. Our no touch safety tools are light weight, easy to handle and make maneuvering or manipulating a load without physically touching it. Many of our no touch safety tools are magnetic however, we have many non-magnetic no touch tool solutions as well. No touch hand tools are not rated for any Working Load Limit (WLL) and are strictly used to help facilitate safe movement of a lifted load.

no touch load control magnetWhat is Hands Free, No Touch Safety?

The terms "Hands-Free" and "No-Touch" when used in conjunction with safety tools means a user does not touch or contact the load being lifted or positioned with his or her hands or feet. A user can attach one of our no touch safety tools to the load so that they remain a safe distance away from hazardous crush and pinch points while still having total control of the load being positioned. Our Hands free, No Touch safety tools are used in many different industries and environments (construction, steel mills, oil and gas, pipeline, shoring, roadwork, utility and water etc.) all across the U.S.A. and many other contries as well.

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no touch safety toolsDo I Need No Touch Safety Tools?

If you perform any type of suspended load operations where things such as; steel plate, trench shoring, large diameter pipe, beams, heavy equipment, rebar, assemblies, and many other types of materials are suspended by crane or hoist, utilizing our hands free, no touch safety tools can improve your employee safety program. Our no touch, hands free safety tools easily attach to the object being lifted and positioned with over 500 LBS of magnetic gripping force. The user still retains a full range of motion while keeping hands and feet away from dangerous pinch and crush points. We also manufacture and supply a wide variety of non-magnetic no touch safety tools for when magnets aren't the best solution. Introducing and implementing a hands free, no touch policy can help reduce accidents and injuries while improving safety ratings, reputation, and employee morale.

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no-touch material handling magnet toolsLeading the No Touch, Hands Free Safety Movement

ADAMAR Industries is 100% focused on safety and providing the best quality and performance, No Touch Safety Is All We Do! We believe we have the best products and service when it comes to providing your company and employees with no touch, hands free safety tools. Our products have many benefits that you won't find anywhere else: Light weight, super strong, extendable, highly visible, configurable and customizable. All tools come with a 90 day warranty, responsive customer support, same day shipping on most orders and knowledgable distributors across the U.S.A. ADAMAR Industries is proud to have been awarded a U.S. Patent for our Safe-T-Stik line of no touch safety tools. Contact us today to find out how our products can help your company work smarter and safer.

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ADAMAR Industries - Hands-Free, No-Touch Safety Tools In Action

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About Our No-Touch, Hands-Free Safety Tools and Products

All of our products are designed and built to increase employee and job site safety. We use the best quality materials and build all of our products in Phoenix, Arizona USA. Our products must meet many functional and physical characteristics (range of motion, ergonomics, aesthetics, feel, portability, durability, weight, strength and more). We only do no touch safety tools and tools that improve employee safety and productivity. Our products can help to increase on the job safety, efficiency and confidence as well as help protect against equipment and property damage. We have many products to choose from for your specific no touch safety operational needs, we have many magnetic and non-magnetic tools available and in stock ready to ship. We serve many large and small companies across a wide array of industries such as: steel mills, steel production, rebar manufacturing and shaping, oil and gas, drilling, underground construction, steel building and structure manufactring, military, marine, large heavy equipment manufacturers, trench shoring companies, pipeline, manufacturing, assembly lines, municipal water & gas companies, defence contractors, beverage companies and many, many more.

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