GRAPPLER - Lightweight Hand Safety Hook Tool

Grappler hook tool. Industrial hook tool. Multi use hook tool for hand safety

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile, durable and easy to use
  • No fatigue, super lightweight, no touch safety tool
  • 3 sizes to choose from (18 in, 26 in, & 34 in)
  • No fingers or hands near dangerous pinch, crush and cut points
  • Keep employees hands off
  • Rigid laser cut 5052 hook
  • Unique hook design, works well on round and square materials
  • Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing
  • Hook, snag, push, pull and guide with one hand
  • Comfortable dura foam grip
  • No assembly required
  • Patent Pending
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit
  • Made in U.S.A.

The Grappler is a versatile and innovative hands free safety tool created by ADAMAR Industries. This tool is built with precision and quality in the USA. With it's uniquely shaped hook design, users can quickly and easily grab, hook, push, pull and control rigging, suspended loads, chain, assemblies, components and more. The Grappler is a light yet tough no-touch safety tool that keeps workers hands and fingers away from hazards. The Grappler requires no assembly and is ready for work right out of the box.

Grappler is perfect for use in steel mills, rebar fabrication, heavy equipment repair, heavy equipment manufacturing, precast concrete manufacturing and many more operations. The Grappler's hook design allows for hooking, snagging and guiding while the flat front of the hook can be used to push objects away. The hook design captures and allows the control of round, bar and square materials as well as chain and wire rope.

hands off suspended load positioning tools for employee safety

Why Should Your Company Use The Grappler Hand Safety Tool?

Safety is the number one reason! When your employees are in work areas where cut, pinch and crush hazards exist, having a tool that is an extension of ones hand that can take the hit is crucial. Using Grappler can increase employee safety by allowing employees to get the job done safely and confidently without putting there irreplaceable parts (hands and fingers) into the danger zone.

Keeping workers safe and productive is critically important to any business. The Grappler is an extremely cost effective no-touch hand safety tool. Grappler is light weight and anyone can use it, it's always ready and wont cause unnecessary worker fatigue. It costs way less than an incident or accident and keeps your most valuable assets, your employees, safer in demanding or potentially hazardous work environments.