magnetic municipal water valve lid and cover lifting and pulling tool

Safe-T-Stik Mini is the best tool for lifting or pulling up steel valve lids, covers and other small steel parts weighing less than 65 LBS. In the roadway work is much safer and faster with Safe-T-Stik Mini. This tool was designed and built based on a need for faster and safer removal of in street water valve covers. Our proprietary, super strong, custom built magnet is encased in a dual ring design for durability. Our magnet produces over 500 LBS of pull force and gets even the toughest lids up and out first try.

Features and Benefits

  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and super tough (4 lbs)
  • No fingers or hands near dangerous pinch points
  • One light weight, compact tool is all that is needed
  • Comes with T-Handle or D-Handle
  • Made of non-conductive materials (35Kv per inch)
  • Precision CNC aluminium parts allow full range of motion
  • Magnet vertical pull force strength is 500 LBS!
  • Pulls up most any steel lids and covers without pry bars or hammers
  • Can be used to sweep up sharp or dangerous debris
  • Fits in truck boxes
  • Bright orange color and reflective bands for night work
  • UV inhibitors make it weather resistant
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit
  • Patented and proven design in use all across the U.S.A. and abroad
  • U.S. Patent 9,975,254
  • Giving the user both safety and improved on the job efficiency is the goal and Safe-T-Stik Mini delivers day in, day out. The Mini stores easily in a truck box, behind the seat or attached to the side of the bed. The Mini is 30" long and 11" wide at the handle, so it goes anywhere and is easily carried from the truck to the job. At only 4 LBS, its lighter than most hooks and pry bars.

    Most of the time a worker has to use a screw driver, small pry bar, hammer or a hook. So all of those items must be kept in the truck and available so that the worker can use one or more to get the lid out. With Safe-T-Stik Mini, one tool is all you ever need, its super strong magnet and ergonomic design makes short and easy work of lids and covers. Even lids and covers encrusted with sediment, dirt and debris!

    Why Should Your Company Use Safe-T-Stik Mini

    Safety is the number one reason! When your employees are in hazardous work areas like roadways and construction zones, the less time an employee is in a dangerous work zone the better. Using Safe-T-Stik Mini increases employee safety by allowing them to get the job done faster and in a standing position with more awareness of their surroundings.

    Efficiency is next, getting the job done safely and quickly is the key to success and keeping your employees time in dangerous work zones down to the absolute minimum.

    Safe-T-Stik Mini is an extremely affordable and beneficial tool when it comes to removing water valve lids, small grates and covers. One injury or accident can cost thousands of dollars, a serious one can cost hundreds of thousands.

    Safe-T-Stik Mini Easily Pulls Up In Ground Valve Covers and Lids

    safe-t-stik mini water valve cover magnetic lifting tool

    Reducing the time an employee is exposed to hazards and dangers in the work zone is a critical factor when it comes to safety.