Formed In 2015, 2 cousins had an idea, build a company that supplies the construction industry with innovative, efficient, well thought out, awesome tools and products that improve safety, and on the job precision and performance.

ADAMAR Industries is ready to go!

Experience and Knowhow

With over 46 years of combined experience in product design and construction industry, we have the tallent necessary to tackle any problem and come up with a creative and well thought out solution. We can help your business become safer, more efficient and simply do things better than before. We've designed some products that are becoming widely used in the construction industry.

Adam Bell

With over 23 years as a product expert, Adam is the "design guy", the one that draws the pictures and creates the graphics to prove and explain the concepts. You get the idea. that solves problems with new, better, more efficient designs that are intuitive and easy to use. When a product is complete, there is simply nothing else that can be stripped away to make it better.Bla, bla need more bullshit sunshine.

Mark Cole

With over 23 years in the traffic safety and construction industry, Mark is an industry expert and bla, bla. Starting with his fathers company Barricade and Light way back when and working his way up he became regional business development manager at "???" and most recently new business development manager at Trafficade. Need more shit.